Research to Support a New Framework for Sustained Economic Growth of Pakistan

Call for Applications for the First Annual Competitive Grants Program In May 2011 the National Economic Council of Pakistan adopted a new Framework for Economic Growth recommended by Deputy Chairman Dr. Nadeem Ul Haque and the Planning Commission. The new Framework aims at fostering sustained higher growth and enhanced quality of life through improved governance, vibrant >> Read more

Welcome to the Pakistan Strategy Support Program (PSSP) website

Welcome to the website of the IFPRI Pakistan Strategy Support Program (PSSP). Pakistan is at a crossroads today. The country’s future growth and prosperity depend acutely on overcoming a number of complex issues. Many of these issues are grounded in the persistent challenges of reducing poverty, improving food security, and fostering broad-based economic growth throughout the country. Solutions will partly >> Read more

Program Objectives

IFPRI draws from substantial experience in Pakistan, including a policy program that achieved significant national engagement in the mid-1980s to early 1990s, supported by USAID. Since that time, the institution has completed numerous research studies and training activities in Pakistan. The expected outcomes of this new IFPRI initiative in Pakistan are: Greater capacity among knowledge >> Read more