Channelizing Afghanistan to Pakistan informal trade into formal channels

PSSP working paper 041, Channelizing Afghanistan to Pakistan Informal Trade into Formal Channels, focuses on assessing the possibility of bringing informal trade from Afghanistan to Pakistan into the legal channels by reducing tariff and tax differentials between Pakistan and Afghanistan. A basic model and illustrative example are presented that encompass the monetary incentives of smugglers >> Read more

Pakistan’s Potential Trade and ‘Behind the Border’ Constraints

PSSP Working Paper 031, “Pakistan’s Potential Trade and ‘Behind the Border’ Constraints”, empirically investigates the existence of institutional, socio-economic, and political constraints to Pakistani exports through a cross-sectional analysis employing a trade Stochastic Frontier Gravity Model. Aggregate data for 2006-08 and 2009-11 shows lower exports in the latter period. This is attributed to demand-suppressing effects >> Read more