Varietal integrity, damage abatement, and productivity: Evidence from the cultivation of Bt cotton in Pakistan

Bt cotton remains one of the most widely grown biotech crops among smallholder farmers. Numerous studies, including those previously conducted in Pakistan, attest to its yield and cost advantages. However, the effectiveness of Bt toxin, which depends on many technical constraints, is heterogeneous. Furthermore, in Pakistan, the diffusion of Bt cotton varieties occurred despite a >> Read more

Technological Opportunity, Regulatory Uncertainty, and Bt Cotton in Pakistan

Genetically modified, insect-resistant Bt cotton has been adopted extensively across Pakistan’s cotton-growing regions during the past decade, and prior studies have linked Bt cotton adoption to both reductions in on-farm production costs and increases in cotton yields. However, studies also suggest that there is much confusion in the market for Bt cotton seed, stemming largely >> Read more

Bt Cotton Adoption and Wellbeing of Farmers in Pakistan

This entry is cross-posted on IFPRI’s South Asia website. If you’d like more information on the South Asia region, please visit Cotton production plays a significant role in Pakistan’s agriculture and economic growth. It contributes about 8 percent to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country, 17 percent in total employment generation and about 54 >> Read more