PSSP Journal Articles


  1. A Question of Integrity: Variants of Bt Cotton, Pesticides and Productivity in Pakistan.” - Xingliang Ma, Melinda Smale, David J. Spielman, Patricia Zambrano, Hina Nazli andFatima Zaid - Journal of Agricultural Economics
  2. Traditional use of medicinal plants among Kalasha, Ismaeli and Sunni groups in Chitral District, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan.” - Sher, Hassan, Rainer W. Bussmann, Robbie Hart, and Hugo J. de Boer - Journal of Ethnopharmacology. In press.
  3. Who Is Chandni bibi?: Survival as Embodiment in Disaster Disrupted Northern Pakistan.” - Aijazi, Omer - Women’s Studies Quarterly 44:1&2 (Spring/Summer).


  1. Exploring Creativity and Urban Development with Agent-Based Modeling. - Malik, Ammar, Crooks, Andrew, Root, Hilton, Swartz, Melanie. -  Journal of Artificial Societies and Social Simulation 18(2) 12.
  2. Factors Affecting the Economic Losses Due to Livestock Diseases: A Case Study of District Faisalabad. - Ashfaq, Muhammad, Amar Razzaq, Sarfraz Hassan and Shamsheer ul Haq - Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences 52(2): 515-520.
  3. Economic evaluation of different irrigation systems for wheat production in Rechna Doab. - Bakhsh. A, M. Ashfaq, A. Ali, M. Hussain, G. Rasool, Z. Haider and R.H. Faraz. - Pakistan Journal of Agricultural Sciences 52(3): 821-828.
  4. Determinants of the Level of Informality of Informal Micro-Enterprises: Some Evidence from the City of Lahore, Pakistan- Williams, Colin, Muhammad S. Shahid and Alvaro Martinez - World Development (In press, published on-line October 19)
  5. Economic Analysis of Dairy Animal Diseases in Punjab: A Case Study of Faisalabad District - Ashfaq, Muhammad, Amar Razzaq, Shamsheer-ul-Haq and Ghulam Muhammad - Journal of Animal and Plant Science 25(5):1482-1495.
  6. Adolescent Girls' Choices of Schoolyard Activities in Urban Pakistan - Syed Ayub Qutub, Nomana Anjum, Nazia Iftakhar, Mehnaz Mehmood, & Nighat Bibi - Children, Youth and Environments, 25(3), 40–61.
  7. Medicinal and aromatic plant cultivation in the Swat valley, north-western Pakistan, for economic development and biodiversity conservation. - Sher, Hassan, Mary E. Barkworth and Hugo J. de Boer - Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 62: 8.
  8. Economic Development through Medicinal and Aromatic Plants (MAPs) Cultivation in Hindu Kush Himalaya Mountains of District Swat, Pakistan. - Sher, Hassan and Mary E. Barkworth - Journal of Mountain Sciences 12(5): 1292-1301. DOI: 10.1007/s11692-014-3247-2.
  9. The performance evaluation system in Pakistan's civil service. - Tanwir, Maryam and Azam Chaudhry - Africa's Public Service Delivery and Performance Review 3(2): 81-103.
  10. Technological opportunity, regulatory uncertainty, and Bt cotton in Pakistan - David J. Spielman, Hina Nazli, Xingliang Ma, Patricia Zambrano & Fatima Zaidi - AgBioForum, 18(1), 98-112.


  1. Economic benefits of high value medicinal plants to Pakistani communities: an analysis of current practice and potential - Hassan Sher, Ali Aldosari, Ahmad Ali and Hugo J. de Boer - Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine 10:71.
  2. Heat stress increases long-term human migration in rural Pakistan- V. Mueller, C. Gray, K. Kosec- Nature Climate Change 4, 182–185 (2014)
  3. Inflation volatility: an Asian perspective.  Syed Kumail Abbas Rizvi, Bushra Naqvi, Christian Bordes and Nawazish Mirza. 2014. Economic Research-Ekonomska Istraživanja 27(1): 280-303.
  4. Informal entrepreneurship and institutional theory: explaining the varying degrees of (in)formalization of entrepreneurs in Pakistan - Collin Williams and Muhammad Shehryar Shahid- Entrepreneurship & Regional Development
  5. Reimagining cost recovery in Pakistan’s irrigation system through willingness-to-pay estimates for irrigation water from a discrete choice experiment - Andrew Bell, M. Azeem Ali Shah, and Patrick S. Ward - Water Resources Research., 50, 6679–6695
  6. Water Governance and adaptation to climate change in the Indus River Basin - Yi-Chen Ethan Yang; Casey Brown; Winston Yu; James Wescott, Jr.; Claudia Ringler - Journal of Hydrology


  1. An introduction to the IBMR, a hydro-economic model for climate change impact assessment in Pakistan’s Indus River basin by Yi-Chen E. Yang, Casey M. Brown, Winston H. Yu & Andre Savitsky - pages 632-650
  2. Climate change impacts on water and food in Pakistan - Tingju Zhu, Claudia Ringler, Mohsin Iqbal- Water International Special Issue Sept 2013 (ISSN 0250-8060)
  3. Droughts in Pakistan─ a Spatiotemporal Variability Analysis using the Standardized Precipitation Index - Hua Xie, Claudia Ringler, Tingju Zhu and Ahmad Waqas - Water International Special Issue Sept 2013 (ISSN 0250-8060)
  4. Is a Surface-Water market physically feasible in Pakistan’s Indus Basin Irrigation System- Agha Ali Akram- Water International Special Issue Sept 2013 (ISSN 0250-8060)
  5. Progress of Constitutional Change and Irrigation Management Transfer in Pakistan:  Insights from a Net-Mapping Exercise - Andrew Bell, Noora-Lisa Aberman, Fatima Zaidi, and Benjamin Wielgosz-Water International Special Issue Sept 2013 (ISSN 0250-8060)
  6. Water for food security : challenges from Pakistan - Claudia Ringler and Arif Anwar -Water International Special Issue Sept 2013 (ISSN 0250-8060)