Productivity, Growth and Poverty Reduction in Rural Pakistan

Thursday December 13th, 2012

Inaugural Session


Nadeem ul Haque, Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission of Pakistan and Chairman, PSSP National Advisory Committee


  • Overview of the PSSP and Discussion of Major Imperatives for Economic Research
    Sohail J. Malik, Chairman, Innovative Development Strategies (Pvt) Ltd. and Senior Advisor, PSSP
  • Vision of the Road Ahead
    Steve Davies, Chief of Party, PSSP
  • Support for Promoting Growth and Reducing Poverty in Pakistan
    Rodger Garner, Deputy Mission Director, USAID Pakistan
  • Emerging Policy Issues in Pakistan
    Nadeem ul Haque, Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission

Session I: Aspirations

Moderator: Paul Dorosh, Division Director, IFPRI
Co-Moderator: Nuzhat Ahmed, Director, Applied Economic Research Center (AERC)

  • Aspirations in Rural Pakistan: An Empirical Analysis
    Katrina Kosec and Madeeha Hameed, IFPRI
  • Population Mobility and Monsoon Anomalies in Pakistan
    Valerie Mueller and Katrina Kosec, IFPRI

Session II: Rural Household Welfare

Moderator: Abdul Basit Khan, Additional Secretary, Ministry of National Food Security and Research
Co-Moderator: Randy Chester, Deputy Office Chief Agriculture, USAID

  • Pakistan Rural Household Survey: Overview and Highlights
    Hina Nazli, PSSP
  • Consumer Price Movements: Implications for Welfare
    Sohail J. Malik, Innovative Development Strategies (Pvt) Ltd.

Session III: Roles of Public and Private Investment in Agricultural Research in Pakistan

Moderator: Iftikhar Ahmad, Chairman, Pakistan Agricultural Research Council
Co-Moderator: Michael Wyzan, Agricultural Economics Officer, USAID

  • Recent Developments in Agricultural Research in Pakistan – ASTI
    Muhammad Sharif, Director General, NARC
  • Video Presentations from the November 27th Meeting at PARC
  • Recent Trends in Private-Sector R&D in Pakistan
    Anwar Naseem, McGill University

Friday December 14th, 2012

Session IV: Development Strategy

Moderator: Nadeem ul Haque, Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission
Co-Moderator: Geoffrey Minott, Deputy Economic Growth and Agriculture, USAID

  • Exchange Rate Misalignment in Pakistan and its General Equilibrium Distributional Implications
    Wajiha Saeed, PSSP and Dario Debowicz, IFPRI
  • Rural Urban Transformation in Pakistan: A Spatial Analysis of Urbanization and Market Access from 1965 - 2010
    Ahmed Waqas, PSSP, Helina Tilahun, ESSP and Emily Schmidt, IFPRI
  • Pakistan Wheat Procurement Policy Reform
    Paul Dorosh, IFPRI

Session V: Fiscal and Macro Economic Policy

Moderator: Rashid Aziz, Senior Energy Specialist, World Bank
Co-Moderator: Steve Davies, PSSP-IFPRI

  • Economic Impact of Agriculture Income Tax on Pakistan
    Shehryar Rashid, PSSP
  • Computable General Equilibrium Analysis of Electricity Subsidies: The Perspective of Pakistan
    Haroon Sarwar, Planning Commission, Ghulam Samad and Naseem Akhtar PIDE
  • Macro-economic Implications of Electricity Subsidies
    Dario Debowicz, Paul Dorosh and Angga Pradesha, IFPRI
  • A New Keynesian Model for the Analysis of Energy Shocks in Pakistan
    Dario Debowicz and Alejandro Quijada, IFPRI

Session VI: Water

Moderator: Mubarik Ali, CEO, Punjab Agriculture Research Board (PARB)
Co-Moderator: Arif Anwar, Senior Adviser and Director, International Water Management Institute (IWMI)

  • Recommendations of the Water Taskforce
    Steve Davies, PSSP
  • Climate Change Impacts on Food and Water in Pakistan
    Mohsin Iqbal, Global Change Impact Studies Centre (GCISC) and Andrew Bell, IFPRI
    Powerpoint (Iqbal) | Powerpoint (Bell)
  • Assessment of Impacts of Water Transfers to Urban-Industrial Sectors on Irrigation Outcomes in the Indus Basin
    Ghazi Alam, National Engineering Services Pakistan (PVT) Limited
  • Country-Wide Water-Economy Links: An Integrated Modeling Approach with Application to Pakistan
    Sherman Robinson, IFPRI and Arthur Gueneau, IFPRI

Session VII: Mainstreaming Research into Policy Reform

Chairperson: Nadeem ul Haque, Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission of Pakistan

  • Sarfraz Qureshi, Former President, Pakistan Society of Development Economists (PSDE) and Former Director, Pakistan Institute Development Economics (PIDE)
  • Sohail J. Malik, Chairman, Innovative Development Strategies (Pvt) Ltd
  • Michael Wyzan, Agricultural Economics Officer, USAID
  • Abdul Salam, Former Chairman, Agriculture Prices Commission of Pakistan and Professor, Federal Urdu University, Islamabad