Capacity Building in Distributional Indicators and Micro-Simulations Linked to CGE Modeling

This training concerns capacity building in poverty and distributional indicators and micro-simulations linked to CGE modeling in the framework of the Pakistan Strategy Support Program.

The training includes the following components:

  • Poverty and distributional indicators, with explanation of the indicators and illustrations.
  • Hands-on practice
  • Linking CGE and micro-simulations models: typology, domain of applicability and examples
  • Getting changes in poverty and distributional indicators at household level in GAMS for an illustrative case (Productivity growth simulations for Pakistan, linking with Pakistan’s Household Income and Expenditure Survey (HIES) 2011)
  • Hands-on practice: extending the previously done CGE analysis to microsimulate distributional indicators at household level
  • Generation of short self-contained papers by the groups extending the already-done analysis in a general equilibrium framework
Lectures and training exercises: