Release of Pakistan Rural Household Panel Survey (RHPS) 2012 Dataset

PSSPThe International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) made public the dataset of Pakistan Rural Household Panel Survey 2012.  This data will be available for researchers to use by accessing the following link:

Pakistan Rural Household Panel Survey (RHPS) is the 1st round of the Rural Household Panel Survey, which aims to provide quantita-tive basis to identify and address urgent economic policy priorities. The RHPS covers 2090 households in 76 primary sampling units in the rural areas of three provinces namely: (i) Punjab; (ii) Sindh; and (iii) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). The sample is nationally representa-tive of the rural areas of the three provinces. This survey collected information on a large number of topics, such as, sources of in-come, nature of employment, consumption patterns, time use, as-sets and savings, loans and credit, education, migration, economic shocks, participation in social safety nets, and household aspira-tions. Six survey instruments were developed to collect this infor-mation. These included three household level questionnaires (two were designed to collect household information on various house-hold and individual level aspect by males and females separately, and the third was an aspirations questionnaire, conducted on a household member between ages 18-35), a community question-naire, a price questionnaire, and a school questionnaire.

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